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This table defines the spread of businesses. While the total number of Businesses stated as 4387 does NOT include the 109 test businesses, the non-public available businesses or the very important Feature Pages, the table below includes everything

Business Type Public Count Percentage
 Business TypePublic Avail.Count
    1.   AccommodationNo554
    2.   AccommodationYes1168
    3.   Activity ProvidersNo331
    4.   Activity ProvidersYes342
    5.   AttractionsNo80
    6.   AttractionsYes309
    7.   Community and CultureNo48
    8.   Community and CultureYes95
    9.   EatingNo56
    10.   EatingYes365
    11.   EventsNo3164
    12.   EventsYes1804
    13.   Feature PagesNo1476
    14.   Feature PagesYes400
    15.   ShopsNo88
    16.   ShopsYes404
      Total 10684

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